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A Pioneering Society

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While perfectly combining modernity and tradition, Tunisia has always been pioneering in its choice of society. These choices have made of Tunisia a model for the Arab world:

  • a remarkable literacy rate countries with the enhancement of education at an early stage of its history,

  • a singular status of women and among the most advanced: first Arab female doctor (in 1936), minister (in 1983), captain (early 1980's), activists of human rights ...

  • a homogeneous population from the point of view of religion and language ensuring that no ethnic divide affects it enhancing thus its unity and solidarity,

  • an educated and informed Tunisian youth that is fond of new information technologies.

Tunisia has all the ingredients to be the dove of freedom of the Arab and Muslim world and to act as a workshop of excellence for a successful democratic transition.


Tunisia is the first Arab country to:

  • abolish slavery in 1846,

  • draft a constitution in 1861,

  • guarantee women's rights through the enactment in 1956 of the Personal Status Code,

  • give women the right to vote in 1957,

  • adopt, in 2014, a new Constitution that stands out by its civil state based on citizenship, the will of the people and the supremacy of law.

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