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Béja in a Nutshell

Located in northwestern Tunisia, the Governorate of Beja is located in a central position thus occupying a central axis between the coastline and the west. Bordering five other governorates and a small opening to the sea (a coastline of 26 km), the governorate of Beja is crossed by the most important roads connecting the East to the West and of the country as well as the railway linking Tunis, the capital, to the Algerian border.

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Administrative Center Béja
Area 3,740 Km²
Number of Delegations 9
Number of Inhabitants 303,032 (April 2014)
Rate of Electrification 99.3 %
Rate of Access to Drinking Water 94.6 %
Rate of Urbanization 41 %
Rate of School Enrollment 95.3 %
Foreign Companies Located in the Governorate 43 (2018)
FDI 287,85 MTND (2018)
Number of Employment Positions 12,360 (2018)