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Entry and Residence in Tunisia

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Renowned for its multiculturalism, Tunisia is a country open to the world. Foreigners wishing to live in Tunisia without gainful employment, such as tourists, may stay in Tunisia for 3 months (90 days) or 4 months (120 days) without a permit.

Foreigners wishing to engage in gainful employment require a residence permit (visa and residence permit).

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Nationals from foreign countries that do not need a visa

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Germany Canada Greece Malaysia Rumania
Andorra Chile Guinea Maldives United Kingdom
Antigua South Korea Honduras Mali Saint Kitts and Nevis
Antilles-Netherlands Côte d’Ivoire Hong Kong Malta Saint Lucia
Argentina Croatia Hungary Morocco San Marino
Austria Denmark Ireland Mauritania Solomon
Bahrain Dominica Iceland Mauritius Senegal
Barbados United Arabe Emirats Italy Monaco Serbia
Belgium Spain Japon Niger Seychelles
Bermuda United states of America Kiribati Oman Slovenia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Fiji Libya Netherlands Sweden
Brazil Finland Lichtenstein Poland Switzerland
Brunei France Luxembourg Portugal Turkey

Residence Visa

A residence visa is required for all foreigners residing in Tunisia for more than 3 consecutive months or 6 non-consecutive months in one year. Residence visas are divided into two categories.

Temporary Residence Visa

This visa is granted to foreigners who do not intend to set up permanent residence in Tunisia. The authorities may also issue this visa to an applicant whom the Tunisian government has refused a normal residence visa. The validity of the temporary residence visa cannot exceed one year.

Permanent Residence Visa

Permanent resident visas are given to foreigners who have been living in Tunisia on a temporary basis for five uninterrupted years.

Residence Permit

The residence permit is normally granted for a period of 2 years on a renewable basis, and must be renewed each time a work contract is renewed.

Each renewal may be valid for up to 5 years.

The residence permit is granted by the Directorate General of National Security in the Ministry of the Interior.

The investors’ support cell in the Ministry of Foreign Investment assists foreign investors and entrepreneurs in their efforts to obtain their residence permit in Tunisia.

The One Stop Shop at APII (Tunis, Sousse or Sfax) grants foreign investors and entrepreneurs their residence cards.

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Documents to be provided when applying for a resident permit at APII One stop desk:

  • A pre-printed form provided by the office,

  • A copy of the certificate proving the submission of the investment project, of the authorization or of the trader license.

  • A registered copy of the company’s articles of incorporation,

  • A certified copy of employer or of foreign worker certificate,

  • A copy of employment contract stamped by the relevant departments pf the Ministry of Employment,

  • A copy of a statement certifying the existence of the fiscal identification card,

  • A copy of the commercial Register extract,

  • A copy of the notice of publication in the JORT concerning the incorporation of the company,

  • A copy of the passport (the three first pages and the page bearing entry visa),

  • 02 revenue stamps of 10 TND each

  • A copy of the marriage contract or the spouse ID card in case of mixed marriage with a Tunisian national

Documents to be provided for a renewal request :

  • 03 ID photos ;

  • The original document of the former residence card

Importing Personal Effects and Private Vehicles

Personal Effects

Any foreigner taking up residence in Tunisia as part of his/her professional activity has the right to import his/her personal belongings and furniture.

The latter can be cleared through customs with a total exemption from payment or with a payment of duties and taxes in installments. They cannot be disposed whether or not in return for payment without customs clearance and, where applicable, the submission of an external trade certificate.

Tunisian tax legislation adjusts the benefits and procedures according to the beneficiary´s status.

Private Vehicles

Any foreigner, whether having the status of resident or not, has the right, within the context of his/her professional activities, to import his/her personal motor vehicle exempt of taxes and duties regardless of its age and power.

To drive his/her automobile or motorbike with an engine-capacity exceeding 49 cubic centimeters, a travel permit called "Diptyque" will be required and granted by Tunisian customs at the border with a validity period of 3 months.

The permit may be renewed for 3 consecutive times with the payment of a road tax when the first extension is granted. Upon expiration of this permit, the vehicle must be re-exported.

Import, Conversion and Export of Foreign Currency

Foreigners may freely import unlimited amounts of payment instruments denominated in foreign currencies; however all imports and exports of currency whose value equals or exceeds 25,000 TND must be declared.

Non-residents are authorized to keep in their possession foreign currency in order to pay for cash expenditures.

Non-residents who intend to re-export currency imported at a value exceeding 5,000 TND are required, upon re-entry into Tunisian territory, to fill out an import declaration of the currency in their possession that is duly certified by customs.

Non-residents may export the balance of unused currency without proof for any amount less than the value of 5,000 TND and, for any amount exceeding that, upon presentation of a receipt for regular importation of said currency (customs declaration and/or exchange slip issued by the bank).

Reconversion of the remainder of dinars is possible pending the presentation of a receipt of regular importation of these currencies (customs declaration and/or exchange slip issued by the bank).

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