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FIPA-Tunisia Workshop

FIPA-Tunisia Workshop

Friday 01-11-2019

The Tunisian economy is one of the most competitive economies in the Mediterranean. It is characterised by increasing liberalisation, deeper integration into the global economy and continued competitiveness combined with a new regulatory and fiscal incentive framework.

Main assets of Tunisia:

  • Favourable FDI destination

  • Geostrategic position

  • An opening on several markets

  • Qualified human resources

Promising sectors in Tunisia:

  • Automotive components: geographical proximity and fast delivery times, strong reputation especially in Europe and presence of major equipment manufacturers such as: PSA Group, Hutchinson, Faurecia, Valeo, LEONI, Kromberg & Schubert, ACTIA, ...

  • Aerospace components: an integrated industrial platform dedicated exclusively to aeronautics, a centre of excellence in the aerospace industry, high value-added activities provided by large companies such as: STELIA, Zodiac Aerospace, ALTRAN, LATECOERE, MECAHERS ...

  • The digital sector (R & D, ITO, BPO): a global standard IT infrastructure, availability of Class A premises, international bandwidth of 220 Gb / s, presence of large multinationals such as: ARDIA, Sagemcom, Teleperformance, SUNGARD, ...