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Importing and Exporting

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In general, all products may be freely exported and imported with the exception of certain absolutely prohibited products and a very limited list of sensitive products. This list is regularly amended in keeping with the objective of complete liberalization of importation.

  • For freely imported-exported products : which are necessary for production undertaken by totally exporting businesses as well as the imports of companies in economic zones.

  • For products excluded from the free import -export :

    • Not subject to authorization : Importation is completed by way of import domiciliation procedures completed through an approved intermediary bank;

    • Subject to authorization : including an application accompanied by the commercial contract and deposited with the approved intermediary. This import authorization is valid for 12 months (with payment) and 6 months (without payment) and allows importation of products it covers, including multiple importations. Import and export is subject to a permit issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

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