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Investment Opportunities

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The region offers several investment opportunities :

Agriculture :

  • Possible production of off-season organic fruits and vegetables ;

  • Possible production of essential oils, flavors and fragrances;

  • Possible production and conservation of camel milk.

  • The development of date production through the expansion of existing areas and the creation of refrigeration units.

  • The development of organic agriculture including dates.

  • Camel breeding (Rangeland).

  • Projects of services related to agricultural activities (hydraulic engineering and rural development, rural supply material, raw material supply).

  • Production of early crops with geothermal energy.


  • Processing dates and derivatives (alcohol from dates).

  • Processing agricultural products such as wool, hides and vegetables.

  • Projects of services (transport, engineering, installation and maintenance of equipment).

Tourism and local crafts

  • Creating Saharan tourist stations and spots.

  • Creating spas.

  • Marketing hand-made local products in the international market.