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Investment Opportunities

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Several investment opportunities arise in the region in the areas of agriculture and agro business, industry and services, tourism and handicrafts :

  • Agriculture (cultivation of early fruits and vegetables, rear season vegetables and spices, aromatic crops and medicinal plants, organic farming, floriculture, cultivation of citrus fruits);

  • Food industry (dehydrated vegetables, canned and semi-canned fruits and vegetables, storage and refrigeration of fruits and vegetables, edible oil packaging, production and packaging of honey).

  • Industry and services (Treatment and processing of wool and leather, essential oil extraction, quarrying (limestone, stone), extraction and processing of marble and wood, chemical industries (detergents, cleaning products) diverse industries (aluminum joinery...)

  • Tourism and Local Crafts, (tourism projects around the archaeological sites and natural parks. Hydrotherapy Centre, Sculpture (stone, gypsum, olive wood...).