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Investment opportunities

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Plastics industry in Tunisia features many development opportunities while taking into account the trends in continuously changing local and international markets:

  • bulky items and items in small batches for export such as pleasure craft,

  • composite materials, particularly those in wood / plastics used in construction,

  • growth of quality subcontracting concerning in particular the following areas: automotive industry, household appliances, electro-technical fittings, electronics, telephony, computers, health, etc.

  • transverse sector, packaging automatically induces a secondary export as important as the development of basic semi-commodities (sheets, films, compounds) and containers (boxes and hollow components),

  • widening the spectrum of applications: construction, health, automotive industry, ICT, electronics, multimedia, etc.

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The global trend in engineered plastics is heading towards developments and innovation in most consuming areas, such as:

  • Automotive: engineered plastics alloys composed of mechanical mixtures experiencing a strong growth (PC / PBT, Noryl / PPO);

  • Automotive: applications such as under the hood components, headlights, glazing body panels;

  • IMD decoration: in-mould decoration technique using multilayer films in engineered and special plastics such as PVDF, PMMA, PVDF / PMMA alloy, PC ...

  • Data storage : an activity that is expected to be further developed;

  • Computer equipment and mobile telephony are products that are becoming increasingly efficient and small, which influences the choice of materials, especially the use of plastics that is more resistant to higher temperatures;

  • Solar collectors and photovoltaic cells: there are many producers active in plastic products manufacturing techniques used in this field.

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