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Investment Opportunities

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In terms of production and finishing, Tunisian manufacturers can cope with high standards. Several international brands do not hesitate to relocate their production in Tunisia.

Replenishment is another potential vector of development.

Several Tunisian companies turning from sub-contracting to activities of higher added value:

  • spinning (yarn production for the local market...)

  • weaving and finishing (Production of fabric for clothing facilities, fabric finishing, production based on technical fabrics...)

  • upscale clothing (jeans pants, new washout techniques, knitwear [sports seamless underwear], workwear ensuring high protection against chemicals, flames...)

  • hosiery (brand mesh clothing, seamless underwear, feminine lingerie...)

  • services (development of platforms in design and styling...)

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Textiles and clothing

Textiles and clothing

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The textile and clothing industry in Tunisia

The textile and clothing industry in Tunisia

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