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Investment Opportunities

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Investing in Agri-food business, one of the strongest sectors of Tunisian economy offers tremendous opportunities namely:


  • Production of improved vegetal olive oils (mixing rapeseed / olive oil);

  • Production of organic oil;

  • Creation of new refining and packaging units;

  • Technical assistance to improve the conditioning and packaging of existing products;


  • Packaging dates ;

  • Development of new products made from dates (confectionery, chocolate...);

  • Processing dates ;

  • Organic production.

Preserves, semi-preserves and packaging of fruits and vegetables

  • Semi preserved table olives ;

  • Preserved and semi preserved fruits and vegetables ;

  • Packaging of fruits and vegetables ;

  • Freezing vegetables and fruits.


  • Modernization of canned tuna units;

  • Production of prepared meals based on fish;

  • Development of aquaculture projects for raising fish and shellfish;

  • Freezing and processing of seafood.


  • Production, packaging and processing of organic food;

  • Extraction of essential and aromatic oils;

  • Grape wine;

  • Cut flowers;

  • Cheese made from fresh milk;

  • Modern slaughterhouses and processing units of red meat;

  • Confectionery;

  • Food for children.

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The food industry in Tunisia

The food industry in Tunisia

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