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Medenine in a Nutshell

Located in southeastern Tunisia, the Governorate of Medenine occupies a strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean basin. It is bordered by the Governorate of Gabes and the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and by Tataouine to the south, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea to the east and Kebili to the west. Its privileged location gives it a quite exceptional status. The island of “Djerba la Douce”, which is one of delegations of Médenine, made of the region an internationally renowned tourist spot.

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Administrative Center Médnine
Area 9,167 Km²
Number of Delegations 9
Number of Inhabitants 479,520 (April 2014)
Rate of Electrification 99.5 %
Rate of Access to Drinking Water 100 %
Rate of Urbanization 78.3 %
Rate of School Enrollment 97.2 %
Foreign Companies Located in the Governorate 48 (2018)
FDI / Region 544, 15 MTND (2018)
Number of Employment Positions 4,056  (2018)