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Meeting with members of the Tunisian Diaspora in Bonn region.

Meeting with members of the Tunisian Diaspora in Bonn region.

Wednesday 01-30-2019

Members of the Tunisian diaspora living in Bonn and Cologne as well as German interested by Tunisia have been invited to a constructive exchange of information session orgaanised by the MagDe association “ Deutsch - Maghrebinisches Institut für Kultur und Media “ on the 26th of January 2019.

The objective of that meeting was the encouragement of the regional development in Tunisia and investments of the members of the Tunisians as well as Germans.

The meeting has also recorded the active participation of the GIZ, the General Consulate of Tunisia in Bonn as well as the representative of FIPA Cologne. It has also included a speech from a member of the European Commission, “Asselema “association as well as testimonies from foreign investors already implemented in Tunisia.

Fipa Cologne representative has presented the financial and fiscal incentives provided by the new investment law.

From his side, M. Mohamed Rouis, General director of Leoni Tunisia has confirmed the interest of Leoni Group for Tunisia highlighting the excellent level of Tunisian skills working in the different country’s sites allowing Leoni Tunisia to be nominated best site for Leoni Group having a total number of 41 sites all over the world.