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Monastir in a Nutshell

Opening on the Mediterranean, the governorate of Monastir enjoys a privileged central position in the great Tunisian Sahel region. Bordered by the governorates of Sousse to the north and of Mahdia to the south, Monastir is within 2 hours drive and less than one hour´s flight from Tunis.

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Administrative Center Monastir
Area 1,024 km²
Number of Delegations 13
Number of Inhabitants 548,828 (April 2014)
Rate of Electrification 99.9 %
Rate of Access to Drinking Water 100 %
Rate of Urbanization 100 %
Rate of School Enrollment 96.2 %
Foreign Companies Located in the Governorate 434 (2018)
FDI 1 109,29 MTND (2018)
Number of Employment Positions 44, 811 (2018)