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Population and Culture

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Tunisia is a country that perfectly combines tradition and modernity. The Tunisian personality is characterized by tolerance, hospitality, an unwavering joy of life and a strong determination to succeed.

A society respectful of cultural diversity

Thanks to its historical heritage, Tunisia has naturally become a multicultural and a multilingual country. The country has always been open to migratory movements which are considered as a great opportunity for intercultural discovery and mutual tolerance.

Cultural and religious diversity transformed the Tunisian society into a stronger and more dynamic one with more than 53 000 foreigners of various nationalities who live and adapt easily in the country.
Indeed, cultural diversity in Tunisia represents a competitive advantage for businesses in general and more specifically for foreign companies.
This asset provides companies with a strong potential to adapt to the environment. Moreover, this diversity added to the wealth of knowledge, expertise and experiences from different backgrounds is likely to encourage innovation.

In Tunisia, the scope of action of the business world, particularly that of enterprises, expanded following the explosion of the internationalization movement of businesses and mergers, of FDIs, of partnerships and joint ventures in the last two decades.

Know-how for export

Tunisia has a very large number of young graduates with high potential and whose skills and qualifications in various sectors correspond to the needs of the corporate world. Another feature is the exceptionally high multilingualism, particularly thanks to the geographical proximity between Tunisia and the European countries.

Tunisian engineers are recognized as having world class expertise. Thus, Tunisian developers have acquired expertise that is exported to different parts of the world.

New Tunisia, New opportunities

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The living environment in Tunisia


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