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The sector of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Industries (MEEI) has acquired a prominent position in the Tunisian industrial fabric, as :

  • 18% of overall manufacturing industries in terms of number of companies and 26.4% in terms of employment positions in 2014;

  • more than 130,000 employment positions;

  • over 1,000 companies including 435 totally exporting units;

  • an average annual growth exceeding 13% ;

  • a value added exceeding 3,500 M TND;

  • over 373 companies operating in electricity including 240 totally exporting companies;

  • Tunisia is the 2nd manufacturer of automotive components in Africa.
  • More than 230 companies are operating in the sector of automotive components of which 134 are totally exporting and 65 are specialized in aircraft industry.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Industries (MEEI) are the first export sector in Tunisia with 45% of industrial exports and 37.4% of exported goods. 
  • MEEI rank 3rd in industrial investment after agribusiness and IMCCV (Construction Material, Ceramics and Glass Industries)
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