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The plastics industry experiences a real industrial boom in Tunisia:

  • more than 500 companies operating in the sector

  • more than 15,000 people working in the sector;

  • in 2015, a total of 106 units are totally exporting ,

  • Foreign direct investment in the plastics sector reached by the end of 2015, the amount of 460 MTND creating 11,000 employment positions;

Products manufactured in Tunisia

The articles manufactured in the industry can be divided according to their use into five groups:

  • Householditems, carpentry and furniture

  • Articles for agricultural use : plastic films, tubes, pipes, fences, accessories ...

  • Articles for building : plumbing, electrical hardware, protective tubes of electric cables, ventilation ducts ...

  • Articles for packaging and handling

  • Technical articles for the automotive industry, household appliances, aerospace ...

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Import – Export of the Sector :

  • Plastics, which is an old industry in Tunisia is characterized by the import of large volumes of raw materials made of polyethylene, PVC, polystyrene, acetate polymers , polypropylene and other polymers and structures for machinery, molds and polymer tools.

  • Exports mainly concern technical parts made with high precision molds (polyethylene sheets or rolls for agriculture, greenhouse or mulching, tubes and pipes, technical parts for the automotive industry, household appliances ...), but also more advanced items like films, sheets, discs audio video, furniture and sanitary articles, office supplies ...

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