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Respecting Environment

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In Tunisia, manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, SMEs and large companies, must comply with environmental standards.

In this context, there are several tools for preventing pollution and environmental degradation which relieve promoters from the additional costs and conflicts normally encountered upon completion of a project. We mention, among others:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • This is a document required under Tunisian regulations for obtaining any administrative authorization for the achievement of certain industrial, agricultural and commercial projects while others are subject only to a brief description of the project and its predictable impact on the environment.

  • Risk Assessment (RA)

  • The RA must describe the risks of major accidents that might happen and how they could be handled. In addition, RA has to explain and justify the preventive measures and procedures intended to reduce the probability of accidents and limit their effect on people, property and the environment.

  • Energy Audit (EA)

  • In Tunisia, the aim of the Energy Audit (EA) is based on 3 mechanisms intended to promote energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas effects on key economic sectors: a legal system, an incentive system and an institutional system.

    Similarly, the Investment Law grants a specific premium to ensure sustainable development

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