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NESTLE is a Swiss company founded in 1866. It is a worldwide leader in the food industry. It produces and markets a wide range of products and beverages for human consumption and animal feed. Its aim is to be one of the leading innovators in this industry in Europe, as with products like instant coffee Nescafé.

In 2011, the group had virtually one production site in each country of the world (449 manufacturing sites in 83 countries) and a total workforce of approximately 280,000 employees. It is the largest company worldwide in this sector, with nearly 70 billion € in turnover in 2011.

In addition, it has 29 research centers totaling a staff of 5,000 employees working in R & D.

Today, the purpose of NESTLE is to emerge as a nutrition and wellbeing corporation, putting forward its "Nestlé Model" based on organic growth rather than as a food industry corporation.

The creation of a distribution company of NESTLE products in Tunisia in 1964 completes the first step of the implementation of the group in the region (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia) leading to the creation of NESTLE Maghreb.

The Tunisian company, Nestlé Tunisia, is located in Ain Zaghouan. It specializes in the area of food industry and offers products such as first milk food for infants…