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YOSHIDA KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA (YKK), is a Japanese company founded on January 1st, 1934.

Designer of solutions for fasteners, its various departments include zippers, self-gripping tape, snap rivets and buttons, plastic buckles, elastic straps and ribbons for all applications of fashion, technical clothing, furniture, automotive, leather...

The group is the market leader in “fastening” products and accessories. It is also present in the building industry, high technology (optical fiber) and agriculture .

YKK Group has a workforce of over 36,000 employees in 70 countries with more than 250 factories and offices. Its turnover exceeds 5.5 billion €.

World leader in products and clothing accessories, YKK is present in Tunisia since 1997, specifically in Messadine (Sousse). The Tunisian subsidiary specializes in the production of zippers. Its turnover was estimated in 2012 at approximately 7 million €.

The group is studying the possibility of creating a new project and to consolidate its development in Tunisia namely through a competitiveness cluster to be located in Monastir - El Fejja.