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Created in 1993, ARCHIMED Group started its activity in the field of libraries and museums by offering multimedia management solutions and document distribution.

Having become after 10 years a recognized publisher in the field, the company quickly began to expand its range of services to public administrations and communities to build applications that meet current concerns relating to the modernization of the State, to ICTs and to the information society.

ARCHIMED positioned, eventually, in the private sector and offers a range of software that meets the challenges of businesses in information management.

In 2010, ARCHIMED generated a turnover of 10.5 million Euros and had a workforce of about 140 employees.

In 2000, ARCHIMED created its subsidy in Tunisia to expand its activity and its offer to the markets of North Africa and the Middle East.

ARCHIMED Tunisia specializes in the integration of record management systems and is currently positioned as a partner of choice for companies and organizations that wish to enhance and unite their information content around portals and solutions at the forefront of technology.

The vision of ARCHIMED Tunisia is built around three major points :

  • Capitalizing on the project experience;

  • Focusing solutions around customers' trades;

  • Building multilingual documentary expertise.