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Founded in 1917 LATECOERE has undoubtedly marked the beginnings of aircraft industry and is at the origin of the establishment of the aviation industry in the Toulouse area (France).

Over the years, LATECOERE moved from aircraft production to subcontracting. Today, the group is a key partner of main global aircraft manufacturers: it has become a major subcontractor for manufacturers focusing on the parts of the fuselage, aircraft doors and embedded wiring for prestigious aircraft (Airbus A380, Boeing 787...).

LATECOERE is today recognized as a specialized group in both aero-structures and wiring thanks to its expertise in development and its manufacturing capabilities.

With its international network of subsidiaries, partners and subcontractors, the Group is positioned in all segments of aeronautics: commercial aircraft with Airbus and Boeing, regional aircraft with Embraer and Bombardier, business aircraft with Dassault Aviation and military aircraft with Dassault and Airbus.

With its subsidiary SEA LATELEC the LATECOERE Group is proud to be the world's No. 2 in wiring. This same subsidiary, member of Aerospace Valley and specializing in the production of cable harnesses and embedded appliances for the aerospace industry, chose Tunisia to implement two production units in Tunis and M'ghira.

These units, exclusively operate in assembly and electrical and electronic wiring for export (including one unit dedicated to the mass production of harnesses for the Airbus A320). They receive an increasing share of the wiring harness activity, in order to remain competitive in the market.

“All aerospace companies that have settled in Tunisia have experienced real success stories," says the head of SEA LATELEC.