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STREAM Global Services is a leading provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) specializing in customer relationships, including sales, customer satisfaction and technical support for companies.

STREAM is a reliable partner for major companies operating in the fields of technology, computing, telecommunication, retail selling, entertainment / media, and financial services. The company provides its service program based on a combination of standardized best practices and sophisticated technologies by a highly skilled workforce made up of about 30,000 employees based in 50 service centers distributed in 22 countries, which allows it to serve clients in 35 languages.

STREAM Tunisia opened its first service center in 2004 in order to provide support in French mainly for European clients. Following the most recent opening in Kram, the presence of STREAM in Tunisia is enhanced with the opening of other 4 service centers, thereby accommodating a total of more than 2,000 positions in the service centers of technical solutions and services abroad for a growing customer base in Europe and the francophone regions of Canada.

Multilingual professionals of STREAM Tunisia center operate in Arabic and French for a wide range of companies such as providers of telecommunication services, equipment manufacturers and software and consumer electronics companies.

"Since opening our first service center in Tunis, we have witnessed exceptional growth and customer success in this region. Our expansion in Tunis is a direct result of this success and sustained demand from our customers for exceptional and quality support in French and Arabic from a business site located abroad "- Scott Murray, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of STREAM.