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VAN DE VELDE Group designs and markets luxury and fashion lingerie since 1919. Today the company is the market leader in luxury and fashion lingerie in Benelux and is well positioned in other countries of Western Europe.

In 1997, VAN DE VELDE was listed in the stock exchange market of Brussels. In 2010, the company buys an important number of shares of the largest manufacturer of bra in the world, based in Hong Kong. VAN DE VELDE thus opens the doors of the markets of East Asia and China.

The group achieved 166.3 million € in turnover in 2010 and currently has a workforce of about 1500 employees.

Its production facilities are located in Belgium, Spain, Hungary and Tunisia, where it has 2 factories.

Indeed, considering that Tunisia provides, inter alia, "the quality of staff and the proximity of headquarters", the first Tunisian subsidiary was born in Kondar (near Sousse) in 1995 and the second subsidiary was opened in 2007.

They assemble and jointly produce about 26% of the group's production and have a staff of 627 employees.