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SAFRAN is a leading international high-technology equipment group with three core businesses: aerospace, defense and security.

SAFRAN is present on all continents: Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia - Pacific. This international dimension allows it to optimize its competitiveness and to establish commercial and industrial relations with major contractors and operators worldwide. Its strategy of international expansion reflects the commitment to offer its customers a range of responsive and outreach services.

Operating on all continents, the Group has 54,000 employees and generated sales of 10.8 billion euros in 2010, of which an amount of 1.2 billion euros was devoted to R & D.

SAFRAN is considered as :

  • No. 1 worldwide in engines for mainline commercial jets (in partnership with GE)

  • No. 1 worldwide in landing gear, wheels and carbon brakes

  • No. 1 worldwide in helicopter flight controls

  • No. 1 worldwide in helicopter engines

  • No. 1 worldwide in finger print based biometric identification

  • No. 2 worldwide in cryogenic propulsion for space launchers

In 2003, the group decided to settle in Tunisia and created SAGEM TUNISIE COMMUNICATION, a subsidiary of SAGEM COMMUNICATION. It has a staff of about 3,000 employees with about 200 managers.

The subsidiary develops and manufactures a wide range of products and systems in the field of electronics, telecommunications and in the field of processing and transmission of digital information.

SAGEM TUNISIE COMMUNICATION mainly manufactures large and medium series of digital terrestrial and satellite decoders, broadband residential gateways, electronic payment terminals and metering terminals (electronic energy meters).