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LACROIX ELECTRONICS is a company specializing in the development, industrialization, production and integration of electronic sets and subsets.

The core business of LACROIX ELECTRONICS is as follows :

  • Development of hardware and software for electronic and mechatronic systems.

  • Management of components to coordinate procurement and supply of parts and materials needed for production.

  • Automatic and manual insertion of components, assembly and test of sets, subsets and systems.

  • Development of test concepts.

  • Organization, control and treatment of the full flow of materials and finished products.

LACROIX ELECTRONICS Group achieved in 2011 a turnover of € 303 million and has a workforce of 2,600 people.

LACROIX ELECTRONICS Service Tunisia is an implementation project that dates back to 2005. Its goal was to offer customers an optimized solution in terms of industrial and economic performance, being geographically culturally and linguistically close to Europe. The activities of LACROIX ELECTRONICS Service Tunisia focus on three areas: automation, industry, aeronautics where the clients are major players in Europe and worldwide.

ISO9001, 2009 version EN9100, ISO14001 certified, the Tunisian subsidiary is a member of the Tunisian Association of Aircraft and Aerospace Industries (GITAS). With a staff of 600 employees, the subsidiary achieved a turnover of € 42 million in 2011 recording an increase of 30% compared to 2010.