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Tunisia in a Nutshell

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To many people, Tunisia presents itself as an excellent example of a Mediterranean country that is also part of the Arab and African world due to the dynamism of its society. It is also a country that marvelously combines tradition and modernity. Finally Tunisia is a country which succeeds in combining its own indefinable charm with other, European-like qualities.

Population 11.154 million inhabitants
Life expectancy 75 years
Capital Tunis
Official language Arabic
Currently used languages French, English and Italian
Currency Tunisian Dinar (TND)
Exchange (rate 2017) 1 TND = 0.3671 Euro = 0.4133 USD = 46.9003 JPY
Time GMT+1
Climate Mediterranean, 12°C in winter, 30°C in summer (on average)

Source : National Statistics Institute, 2016
Central Bank of Tunisia, 2018

GDP 85,490.7 TND million (at current prices)
Growth rate 0.8 %
Income per capita 7,321.800 TND
Exports 27,607.2 TND million (at current prices)
Imports 39,654.8 TND million (at current prices)

Sources : Central Bank of Tunisia, 2016

FDI flows 2,244.4 TND million
New jobs 10,300

Source : FIPA-TUNISIA, 2017

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