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Why El Kef ?

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A Predominantly Agricultural Economy

Economy in the governorate of El Kef is mainly focused on agriculture and mining. Indeed, agricultural lands are vast and fertile (491,000 hectares including 116,000 ha of forests and rangelands and 16 000 ha of irrigated land) and water resources are abundant (349 million m3 mobilized by several dams and lakes of which 202 million m3 mobilized by the Mellegue dam). The governorate could hence contribute to national agricultural production by 12 % for cereals, 8.4 % for forest products, 6.8 % for red meat and 3 % for milk production.

As a result of its agricultural and mineral wealth, the industrial activity of the region is dominated by the food industry and the industries of building materials which are the main industrial activities in the governorate.

The governorate has 50 industrial units (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) including 4 totally exporting units and 6 foreign companies. These units operate in the sectors of industry, services, agriculture and tourism.

The mining potential of the governorate of El Kef is mainly concentrated in the mine of Bougrine. The opening of this mine increased production of non-ferrous metal ores (86 450 tons of which 76 560 tons of zinc and 9 800 of lead) and increased the extracted quantities.

The tourism sector remains under-exploited despite the existence of various archaeological sites (the Temple of Waters, the Table of Jugurtha, the synagogue, the historic monument el Kasbah, the Medina of El Kef...) and several natural resources (forests of Nebeur and Sakiet Sidi Youssef). Once enhanced, these elements will promote the cultural and ecological tourism in the region.

The craft sector is characterized by the production of various handicrafts (rugs, blankets, traditional coats), reflecting the specificity of the region. It has recently been strengthened by the establishment of the crafts city of Kef.

A Developing Infrastructure

The governorate of El Kef has:

  • a dense road network to link the governorate with major cities and mainly Tunis which is 2 hours away.

  • a railway ensuring freight and passenger transport (El Kalaa El-Khasba - Djrissa - El Kef - Tunis).

  • a Cyberpark with a hosting capacity of 30 people to accommodate companies and developers working in the field of ICT

  • a business incubator providing mentoring, guidance and assistance for new developers by the provision of premises, hardware, internet connection...

The governorate is served by the Tabarka International Airport which is 120 km from El Kef.

The region also houses several industrials zones that are available and equipped to host new projects.

Available Human Resources

The labor market has skilled human resources thanks to the higher education institutions that are located in the region and that are closely related with the economic specialties of the region and whose number is constantly growing. These institutions are :

El Kef also has 5 public and 14 private vocational training centers (hosting capacity of 1,370 positions). The main fields of the training programs offered in these centers are: agricultural mechanics, electromechanics, electricity of industrial equipment, joinery aluminum, precision engineering, computer science, cutting and sewing...