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Why Gabes ?

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Une économie diversifiée

The economic activity of the region is mainly based on industry, agriculture and fishing.Indeed, Gabes houses an important industrial center specializing in chemical industry, mainly phosphate processing (production of phosphoric acid, diammonium phosphate and dicalcium phosphate), food industry and building materials industries. This center houses the majority of industrial enterprises of the region estimated at 100 companies (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) with 13 totally exporting.

The region also hosts 19 foreign or mixed capital companies (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) operating mainly in manufacturing industries.

  • With a palm grove of 300,000 date palms and a large cultivable agricultural land (597,288 ha), Gabes is known for its agricultural wealth harvested in oases such as vegetables, pomegranates, fruit trees and dates. The region also specializes in greenhouse early crops, of which production is totally exported, namely: tomatoes, melons, peppers, cucumbers...
  • With 80 km of coastline, two fishing ports and 2 lakes (Boughrara -50 000 ha - and Elbibane - 30 000 ha), Gabes is also one of the richest areas of Tunisia in fishing and is highly known by the quality of its blue fish such as "tuna" and seafood like shrimps.

Having the distinction of being the only coastal oasis in the world, Gabes has diverse and attractive natural sites and hot springs that allow it to develop the tourism sector in the region.

A Good Transport Network

Available Human Resources