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Why Gafsa ?

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Map Gafsa

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A Predominantly Mining Region

Phosphate mining is the main economic activity of the governorate. This mineral, which is the wealth of the region, is operated by the Phosphate Company of Gafsa (CPG). Thus and thanks to phosphate production estimated at 8 million tons per year, Tunisia ranks 5th among the 12 major producers of phosphate in the world

Apart from mining, Gafsa has a chemical industrial activity based on the production of phosphoric acid and fertilizer in the M'dhilla unit. This activity is managed by the Groupe Chimique Tunisien.

The transformation of phosphate allowed Tunisia to be the second country in the world to develop a large percentage of its production of natural phosphate (85 %).

The region also has 65 industrial companies (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) of which 16 are totally exporting. Besides, Gafsa houses 10 companies with foreign shareholding (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) operating in manufacturing.

The abundance of water resources in the region contributed to the development of the agricultural sector which is based mainly on fruit arboriculture and sheep and goat farming.

Indeed, Gafsa has 106,377 ha fruit trees: olives, almonds, pistachios and figs, 202 000 ha of arable land and a herd of about 350,000 heads (sheep, cattle, goats and camels).

In recent years a new and very promising activity, mainly intended for export has developed: market gardening and namely late season vegetables (potato, cucumber, etc..).

An Adequate Basic Infrastructure

The governorate of Gafsa provides :

  • A dense road network (over 1,000 km) connecting the region to cities across the country as well as to North African countries (Gafsa is 140 Km from Algeria).

  • A rail network of 388 km, including 2 lines linking the city to the governorates of Gabes, Tozeur, Sfax and Tunis and which are used for the transport of persons, equipment and goods.

  • A modern communications network.

  • A Compe titiveness Cluster and a cyber park to promote ICT

  • The region hosts industrial zones equipped to host new projects.

The governorate is equally served by :

  • The Gafsa-Ksar International Airport for both military and civilian use,

  • The Tozeur-Nafta International Airport which is located 90 km from Gafsa, linking the region with severa European capitals;

  • The commercial port of Gabès which is 146 km from Gafsa.

  • The port of Sfax which is 190 km from Gafsa.