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Why Kairouan ?

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Map Kairouan

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A predominantly Agricultural Economy

  • Thanks to the abundance of water resources, agriculture remains the most important sector for the local economy. It employs 40 % of the workforce. Indeed, Kairouan has 12.6 % of irrigated perimeters in the country and its main produces are vegetables (peppers, tomatoes), fruits (apricots, almonds and olives) and red meat.

  • During the last decade, Kairouan started a significant development of the industrial sector, particularly manufacturing. Indeed, the region has 120 companies (with a workforce of 10 or more employees) 30 of which are totally exporting.

  • Kairouan has always had very specific local crafts: carvers, weavers and saddlers, but the dominant local craft activity, which is at the origin of the city remains the art of tapestry.

  • Because of its rich historical and cultural heritage, Kairouan today attracts more than half of the tourists who visit Tunisia, eager to discover the remarkable monuments of the ancient capital of the Aghlabide emirs (the Great Mosque, the mausoleum of Sidi Sahbi, the Aghlabides basins...) but also the hand-made carpet of which it is the capital.

The city is also recognized and classified world heritage, making it one of the four most visited sites in Tunisia with Carthage, El Jem and Bardo.

A Developing Infrastructure

The governorate of Kairouan has :

  • A dense and extensive road network (718 km) to link the city with the rest of the country as well as 1486 Km of rural tarred roads,

  • A cyber park and three natural parks.

  • Industrial zones equipped to host new projects.

  • The International Airport of Monastir which is 62 km from Kairouan i.e. within less than one hour drive,

  • The International Airport Enfidha-Hammamet which is 60 km from Kairouan,

  • the commercial port of Sousse which is 57 km from Kairouan i.e. within less than 45mn drive.

Available Skills

The higher education system is constantly developing. Indeed Kairouan has a university center with seven higher education institutions and with more than 14,000 students enrolled in humanities, technology and computer engineering, science and economics.

These institutions are :

The governorate also has 5 public vocational training centers and 16 private centers that can accommodate 3,000 people in training fields sought by companies such as air conditioning, mechanics, agriculture, water management, clothing, crafts and IT - office automation.