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Why register ?

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Our website is much more than just a website. It is rather an information management technology platform developed by the first support organization for foreign investment in Tunisia. It is also a communication tool that allows you to take full advantage of the support of a professional and experienced team when needed.

The information requested in the registration form allow us to clearly identify your profile, to better serve you in the event of information or assistance request, and more specifically to give you access to a privileged content.

The home page of your private space is personalized and includes the following sections:

  • Your business sector, if it is a growth industry.

  • Major groups (success stories)

  • News

As an investor, this platform gives you equally access to:

1- A very varied list of foreign companies operating in Tunisia.

2- Partnership offers

3- A data base of lands and premises

Regardless of your place of residence whether abroad or in Tunisia, you can access your account and fully enjoy personalized and timely access information by registering on our website. Here is a step by step guide to help you register:

You can update your profile any time.


To access your space you need your personal username and password. Your personal data is confidential.